Senior Scientist - Pharmacology

South San Francisco, CA

SUMMARY:  Cardiovascular pharmacologist with a track record of evaluating the therapeutic effects of small molecules in animal models of cardiovascular disease.  The successful candidate will provide independent guidance as well as hands-on expertise in the study design, execution, and reporting of both in vivo and ex vivo studies. This position will also involve serving as pharmacology representative on interdisciplinary, cross-functional drug discovery and development project teams.


  • Develop and design scientific strategies to gain an understanding of primary and secondary pharmacology mechanisms, biomarkers, translational potential, and safety for discovery- and development-stage programs
    • Implement and use clinically-relevant in vivo small and large animal models to study cardiovascular physiology and pharmacology
    • Design, execute, and report/summarize studies with novel small molecules that demonstrate detailed proof of mechanism
  • Establish PK/PD relationships in non-clinical species
  • Execute/Report studies to support proposed clinical indications (i.e. combination studies, label expansion)
  • Serve as a project team representative for pharmacology
  • Lead cross-functional teams and/or initiatives
  • Supervise and scientifically mentor junior staff
  • Contribute and serve as primary author for pre-clinical and clinical reports/documents
  • Write protocols for IACUC approval and work with IACUC committees



  • Requires an advanced degree, such as DVM, MD, and/or PhD with demonstrable expertise in physiology, pharmacology, biochemistry, or related discipline (relevant industrial experience is critical).


  • Minimum of 3+ years related experience in a cardiovascular laboratory setting (title will be commensurate with experience); may include post-doctoral experience. Hands-on working and directing knowledge of scientific principles and concepts, as well as of both established and state-of-the-art cardiovascular assessment tools. Demonstrable scientist performance and track record in the field with peer-reviewed publications and/or accomplishments.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills, with a demonstrated ability to work independently and effectively in a team and cross-functional setting.
  • Effective and demonstrable leadership skills.